This is a quick disclaimer for my readers.

I am not a medical professional. Most of my herbalism knowledge has been from personal research, mentoring from more experienced herbalists, and from my own experiences with herbs. I don’t claim to be an expert on this or any subject.

All information presented here is for the amusement and information of the public. I am not legally responsible for you or your health. Everyone will react differently to different herbs, I can only give anecdotal information about the effects various compounds have on myself and those close to me.

Recipes that have worked for me and my family may not work for you. Always be mindful of your own sensitivities and allergies. Herbs can be wonderful additions to any diet, but do not embark on a strict herbal regimen without alerting your doctor, especially if you are on prescription medication.

Where applicable, I will try to give recipes and herbs the appropriate disclaimers, but always do your own research so that you can make informed choices about your own health and wellness.


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