Ginger- the Wonder Root

I’m currently in England, hence the lack of posting, but I wanted to drop by and extol the virtues of ginger. When travelling, it is absolutely necessary to throw in your suitcase.

Every time I feel nauseated from unfamiliar food, the stress of travel, or surprisingly strong cider, I find myself nibbling on a slice of crystallized ginger for relief. It naturally helps calm your stomach, which is why ginger is usually a key ingredient in digestive teas. Though it is very hot on the tongue, the crystallized form is one of the easiest to travel with and eat.

Ginger teas are delicious as well, and widely available in the supermarket. Beyond relieving stomach upset, ginger is also an immune booster (which is great for travel) and can help open up clogged sinuses.

The warming sensation of ginger has long been thought to help increase blood flow and help relieve cramps. Some even recommend a poultice of ginger placed over the pelvis to help with especially severe cramps. The warmth can have an energizing effect as well.

If you’re feeling cold, tired, nauseous, or crampy, ginger might just be the perfect way to gently and naturally get yourself back in balance. I know I have come to depend on it.


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