Always check the Label!

When it comes to living more naturally, what you eat is always one of the biggest concerns. I mean, we all eat several times a day and those of us pursuing a healthier lifestyle have, no doubt, at one time or another despaired over how unhealthy much of the food that’s readily available is.

Eating food as close to its natural state is the easiest way to eliminate chemicals from your diet. Buy fresh vegetables, fruits, meats, and prepare them yourself with herbs, spices, and other yummy natural flavors. Sometimes though, we all like a treat and baking can take a long time. So we grab some frozen yogurt or, one of my personal favorites has been Nutella. Yes there’s been a little “scandal” about Nutella lately. It mainly consists of hazelnuts and cocoa. I feel like it shouldn’t be a surprise to people that nuts and chocolate have fat and sugar in them.

That being said, I maybe buy a jar of it about twice a year. It’s great to spread on toast sometimes. The other day I was at the grocery store, contemplating a jar of it when I took a closer look at the label.


Do you see that last ingredient there? Vanillin. Cheap artificial vanilla. You know, the kind you can taste in really sad ice cream and coffee flavor syrups. Now this isn’t the most harmful or terrifying of the chemical additives that one finds in their food nowadays, but it still bothers me. A product that brags about using real milk and cocoa has skimped out on the vanilla. I decided not to indulge in it because of this.

Just because a product advertises itself as something natural or has branded themselves in a positive, clean, natural way doesn’t mean you can skip the read-through. Breyers is a perfect example of this. Their “all natural” label really is made with milk, cream, sugar, and natural flavors. But not all of their ice cream is in spite of their advertising campaign.

So when it comes to buying anything premade, I always ere on the side of caution and make sure I read the label.


2 comments on “Always check the Label!

  1. thebeadden says:

    Sometimes lecithin isn’t always a good thing either. As with so many soy products that aren’t organic.
    You can delete the link if you want but thought you might want to have a look:

  2. Rachel says:

    Also a good point, thanks for the link!
    It’s scary how many additives there are in most foods.

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