Review: Burt’s Bees Sensitive Cleanser and Daily Moisturizing Cream


I’ve been a fan of Burt’s Bees products for a long time. Their lotions and lip balms have long been a staple for my¬†boudoir. Last week I decided to try their new line for sensitive skin. I’ve been plagued with sensitive skin since I was a child. It will break out with the least provocation or dry out if left unchecked.

The cleanser is different than I expected. It’s completely soap free, so it doesn’t foam up like many facial cleansers. It goes on your skin like a light cream– reminding me a little of old fashioned cold cream cleanser, actually. However, this is much lighter and more soothing. Never do you feel like your skin has been stripped after using it. It contains no fragrances, but is enriched with Cotton and Rice extracts, as well as Aloe, Sugar Cane extract, and Witch Hazel. It’s extremely gentle and comes in a large 6 ounce tube. You only need about a nickel sized blob for each use, so it’s fairly economical for around $10 a tube.

The Daily Moisturizing Cream is much like the cleanser with it’s long ingredient list of soothing extracts. It’s a very light lotion that smooths easily into your skin leaving it comfortable, but not oily. Unfortunately, it’s only packed in 1.8 ounce bottles, ¬†meaning you’ll likely run out of it sooner than the cleanser. It also seems a little steep coming in at about $15.

Overall, the system is a good one. It’s helped sooth some of the redness and irritation of my skin. What’s more, I can feel good about using these products because of Burt’s Bees’ commitment to using natural ingredients. I do wish that they would release a sensitive skin toner as well. For these hot summer days when my skin gets a little oily, it would make a great addition to the set. These are in no way miracle products that have given me perfect skin in a week, but I think they are having a positive effect and may have a greater one in the long term.

I give it 4/5.


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